International oil and gas business in the city center, airport Imam created

GH Shirazian Airport City development project Imam Khomeini
International Center for

 the oil and gas business in the city airport Imam is
created. Airport City development

 project Imam Khomeini refers to the preparation of 22
investors for the construction

of Terminal 2 Airport, Imam Khomeini said, Media City and
the International Center

for the oil and gas business in the city airport will be

The stamp, G. Shirazian at a press conference stating that
the package last year 

investment in airport Imam Khomeini had completed the
comprehensive plan of

 the city, said the master plan of the city airport
aviation sector as a master 

plan for the construction and construction and investment
package is 

prepared to recognize that in the 14 thousand hectares What
to do?

Posted by mohammad hadi arab beygi Saturday,February 28, 2015

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